Selected Anecdotes

Since the origin of the firm, we made the decision to not post transaction tombstones as a part of company policy. Both buyers and sellers prefer it that way and at the end of the day, we believe stories tell a better description. The proof is in the pudding that Sniper Process is a better alternative to today’s auction process.

Background:  Manufacturer of medical products • Sales $18 million • EBITDA $3.2 million

Private Equity Group: 

"It's been a breath of fresh air to go through this Sniper Process and come out on top."

Merger Partners: 

"Thank you, and congratulations on winning the deal! What about Sniper Process do you find appealing?"

Private Equity Group: 

"While we knew we had to compete on valuation to win, we appreciated so much about the process. We liked the unusual level of transparency, the access to the ownership, and the efficiency of you, Merger Partners, not getting in the way. While we had to pay top dollar, our time was well spent. If we could, we would buy all our companies this way."

Background:  Oilfield services company • Sales $42 MM • EBITDA $5 MM

John (the business owner): 

"So, you're going to cover the entire market of buyers. Then you will interview and select the most compelling handful of buyers in the world who will then compete to acquire my company . . . and you're not going to charge me a dime?"

Merger Partners: 

"Yes. The buyer pays our fee. That's what we will do."


"Count me in."

Background:  Engineering services company • Sales $452 million • EBITDA $61 million

Private Equity Group: ($13 Billion AUM): 

"We appreciate what you've invented here. Sniper Process could really change the way companies are sold."

Merger Partners: 

"Thanks a million! Why do you appreciate Sniper Process?"

Private equity firm: 

"It's simple. We don't participate in today's auctions, period, because our time is not well spent. Our offer on this deal is at the top of the market as you can see. Here's the key. We know if you select us as one of the compelling handful of buyers to compete, we will have a reasonable chance of winning. Today's auctions have become long, treacherous and risky. None of our portfolio companies were acquired in an auction process."

The auction process, run by all investment banks, has driven away good buyers. Sellers of companies appreciate a competitive process that maximizes value, but not one that's abusive to buyers and serves the investment banker more than the business owner. Sniper Process is the only process that is friendly to both sides, achieves the seller's goals, and corrects the problems with today's traditional M&A process.