Why would I mess around with a banker for eight to ten months when I can achieve an acceptable, competitive valuation much faster using Sniper Process, and not pay a fee?
— Partner in a Chicago private equity firm


Sniper Process® provides business owners with a better alternative to today's standard M&A process to find a partner or sell their companies. It’s leaner, faster and more effective than today's auctions which have driven many buyers of companies to the sidelines.

Because Sniper Process is also a buyer friendly process, it covers the universe of buyers more thoroughly while driving up value for the seller through a competitive process where the most compelling buyers in the world compete to acquire the company.  

And, uniquely, the seller owes us nothing, as the buyer pays our fee.


We listened to the market for two decades while representing buyers and sellers of companies. The market spoke of the flaws in the auction process, so we wondered if there could be a better way to execute transactions; a way to maximize value but do so more efficiently. We broke down the entire auction process, applied lean principles, and created a new process that sellers and buyers find more attractive.

A better alternative to today's auction process has been introduced in our industry. Auctions alienate a large number of buyers who simply avoid a process that they have learned to cope with when necessary, but avoid in practice.

Sniper Process has addressed and corrected the problems with the old way of doing things. Now, speed, accuracy, and efficiency have replaced the outdated way of selling companies and as a result, sellers can achieve success without the unnecessary time, risk and expense of hiring an investment banker.